Urgently Needed Outdoor Adventure Leader!!!!!


The Excursion Manager in Geneva wants to find an Outdoor Adventure Leader

The position needs a very fit, intelligent young man who can ride a bicycle and lead a group of adventure passengers on bicycle excursions through the mountains and beautiful areas of Europe.  All ships will have about 100 bicycles on board to lend to passengers on these tours.
This tour leader must have VERY good English and GOOD German. The groups of passengers will generally be German, but sometimes also English.

The contract will be for about 6 months, and after that time, he could also work within the Tour department on board (escorting other excursions around the world)
Appearance will be very important. Personality is extremely important.

The salary would start around $1500, but there will also be commissions depending on the number of people on the excursions.

Contact us (0361)238513 or info@baliparadisecrews.com


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